Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I should be asleep but instead...

A modern day emigration....

So the sister is jetting off to Australia for a whole year on the 19th!!! And although maybe it doesn't seem like a long time or a far away place to many any more, it still is as far as I'm concerned. Two of her friends are over there so she's hoppin off to the sun the sand and the good times, along with some quare hot accents, lucky her... Problem is, according to her she's not looking to come back in a hurry. And maybe it's coz shes young and out for adventure and whatnot but I've a feeling this is gonna be one of those go-for-a-year-come-home-for-the-dogs-funeral type of things. The actual dog that is...shes very attached..even though the father gave it a seriously woeful haircut the other day..he got carried away... so i'd say if the dog dies she'll come home but only for long enough to watch it be thrown in a hole and then off she goes again.
And it's not like I'm not used to siblings fleeing the coop. The eldest sister doesnt live at home,although she hasn't relocated abroad..yet, and the older brother only comes home every few months- although to be fair he has an excuse at least.. so another sibling not being around so often isn't the problem. The problem is that from here to Australia is a bit far for the walkin, and the thought that my overclumsy, accident prone father will have another of his mishaps and sister won't be in an accessible location crosses the mind, or that she'll miss the younger brother as he experiences another year of angry teenage life, not to mention the fact that she'll be missing her own graduation from college... And of course the thought that something will happen to her while shes gone cant help but jump up and down in the background vying for attention..
Todays emigration isn't like that of years gone by when people were so used to family members and neighbours leaving that they were immune to it, almost expected it. It's not like that of old Ireland where it was a temporary separation til the rest of the family could join the emigrant, or a permanent fixture in which the departure was treated as a death, and yet people were so used to deaths that they were again, almost immune to it. Todays emigration starts as a holiday. A working abroad venture, where our brave emigrant realises they maybe wanna stay for another year and then another and all of a sudden they have a family a house and a permanent job and they don't come home any more.
So tough-as-nails da is gonna cry, and outwardly strong ma is gonna hold back the tears but be fretful and cranky, and for eldest sister who doesn't live at home it won't be the same, and older brother will be so focused on rowing he won't noticed. For younger brother the world will still be pitted against him and so he won't see anything else. Younger sister who thinks and acts similarly to Twinkie will feel similarly to Twinkie.
And Twinkie will wait for the sister who may not ever want to come home.

...least we won't have to share that car anymore.. some things I can live without...


  1. Wow, you have a big family. I, on the other hand, am the oldest, and I have only one younger sister is all.

  2. hey. thanks for following my blog =D
    just think, once she's settled in Australia, you will have some place to stay, so you won;t have to worry about expensive accommodation =D

  3. Oh..wow, I never even thought about it like that...plus..i've always wanted a walk-in wardrobe, her bedroom could come in handy.... :)