Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Town Mouse vs Country Mouse

For the last three years of my life I've been splitting my time between the University town where I just completed my Undergraduate degree, and the countryside where I grew up. And when I say countryside, I don't mean a village or a community, I mean a get-yourself-as-lost-as-you-possibly-can-and-there's-my-house type of countryside. I live down a lane in the proverbial back-arse of nowhere. So obviously the jump to a town was a shock to the auld system. 
Now that I have completed my undergrad and have only one foreseeable year left in the University town- for the History Masters I've been accepted into- I've been thinking more and more about where I'm meant to live when I enter the real world. Do I return to my roots, or do I continue on in an urban area? As it is, I return home on weekends and for the holidays, so should I make the return home permanent or urbanise myself? And it's not as easy a decision as I'd like, both having their advantages and disadvantages...
So there's only one thing for it.......

                                   Twinkie's Pros and Cons List!!! (the most important issues)

             Town                                                                 Countryside
 ->Amenities                                                       -> Security
 ->People                                                           -> Family
 ->Nobody knows me, my family,                         -> Everybody knows me, my family and
     who wiped my arse when I was a baby                 who wiped my arse as a baby..
 ->Things to do!!!                                                -> Sense of Community
 ->Civilisation                                                    -> Peace and quiet
 -> Fresh start                                                    ->Background, memories, roots, etc
             Town                                                                   Countryside
-> Dangerous/ lack of security                               -> No amenities
-> Loneliness among strangers                                -> Loneliness among the cows
-> No sense of close-knit community                      -> No transport- isolation
->Starting from scratch                                         -> A church choir that sounds like                                    .                                                                                   a bag of crows  
-> Fear of change                                                 -> Fear of always remaining the   .                                                                                          same.

Care to help me out here??? :)


  1. I can't really talk, i live in a town, big enough to be called a city, but far away from the state capital to be considered a country town.
    But i think you should stay in the town, and continue visiting home on the weekends and holidays. How far away is the town from your parents? Here, if I was to move to the "city" it's a 4 hour trip home, and 4 hours back, which is just too hard, but considering you can probably fit 100 Irelands in Western Australia =D your trip is probably not as far. =D
    As soon as you get out and start making new friends you won't be lonely in the town. and there is no church choir that sounds like a bag of crows in the town =D

  2. Ha, well my drive is slightly less than that, its only 45minutes away, or an hour and a half if i decide to go mad and try out Dublin instead...coz I'm crazy like that..or something ha :)
    I suppose I'll never know til I give it a try, right? And anything would be better than those auld crows..except maybe if they sounded like goats..but what are the chances...ha :)

  3. Sounds like the town is the best bet. lol. I wouldn't know because I've always lived in the city area. My friend lives somewhat on the countryside, and it is horrible!! Haha.