Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'You sound loike yo're from Landan!!!!'

Also called:

'Things I learned on my trip to London.'


  • Journey's Hostel London Bridge= Winning!!!!
  • In contrast to what the sister would have me believe- the Tower of London has NEVER had a zoo at it!!!..let me explain... I'm a gullible person. She tells me lies that I usually believe off the bat. An example of this is that she once told me that the colour red gave you cancer and I believed it for ages. This was last year..... Anyway, we were walking past this billboard advertising the Tower of London and the last picture had a lion standing in front of the Tower, so I was like, 

> Why is there a lion standing in front of the Tower of London???
Tweedle-Dee > Coz there used to be a zoo there for the prisoners!
Me> oh mad, seriously???
Tweedle-Dee *bursts into laughter* > NO!!!!!!!
.........what a bitch.............

  • The Monument is a beast. You'll feel good that you did it but bygod you won't enjoy doing it.....
  • Camden is a fun place...but also kinda prepared to have people throw themselves at you to make you buy things......
  • The Tube is anonymous..... you can almost imagine whats going through peoples heads on board: don't look them in the eyes, dont look them in the eyes... so obviously you should stare everyone out of it and make them feel horrendously uncomfortable.
  • Euston Station has some fabulous places to eat AND it has an awesome sweet shop!!!
  • Sherlock Holmes Museum is cooooool!
  • Don't go to the 'Dirt' Exhibition...just don't....
  • Don't rail and sail if you get seasick and haven't taken anything for's a bad idea.
Food and drink
  • Cinnamon Vodka gives me horrible hangovers but it tastes so damn good!!!
  • Fish and chips!! It's England! It has to be done!!!
  • There's a cupcake shop at the Baker Street Station.....and they look awesome...
  • Blackberry and Lavender tea is a fantastic fucking hangover cure!!!!!!!!!!
  • Don't eat so much you feel like you're going to vomit on your new Aussie friends when you're heading up to bed.
  • Barmen over there do not like when you tell them you love them or propose marriage to them. It must be that English gentlemanly shyness or something...Do they still have that??
  • People like Irish accents and sometime treat you like zoo freaks making you say different words and letters coz they sound funny in your accent....
Australians (yeah they get their own section coz they're so awesome and I learned so much bout them!!!!!!!!)
  • Australian people are the friendliest people in the world!!!!
  • Aussies don't say Throw another shrimp on the barbie!!! (yeah I was shocked too!!) In fact they call shrimp 'prawns' and don't barbecue them!!! They also don't say Flaming Mongrels and rarely say Strewth! Oh Home and Away, you've given me such false expectations....
  • Not all Aussies surf!!!! (heartbreaking...I know..)
  • Australian guys do actually own tshirts, and they even wear them on a daily basis. The even wear jumpers... Yeh. It's not all constant six-packs and tans. Although hopefully that was as a result of the colder climate and they go around topless at home...
  • ...wait does that mean not all Aussies have six-packs????!!!!!! I don't even wanna know...
  • Australians do not ride Kangaroos like horses. Now obviously I knew that one, but apparently one of the lads got asked that by an American girl. He was amused greatly.
  • Aussies find the Irish accent funny. Pot? Kettle?? Ha
  • I'm going to marry an Australian. Just because. ...All Australians out there- beware. You have been forewarned. It's time to brush up on those Hide and Seek skills.....

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  1. "Don't eat so much you feel like you're going to vomit on your new Aussie friends when you're heading up to bed."

    "friends" eh?