Friday, August 5, 2011

Small boys don't believe in animal rights. Throw basketballs at their faces.

Small boys are easily entertained. Small boys like to poke shit with sticks. If the shit moves, then it's an even better game. And if the shit happens to be a living animal, then it's the best toy in the world. Small boys don't care whether the animal wants to play with them or not. They definitely do not care whether the animal is enjoying the game or not. They just see something interesting and want to play. Playing with cats really isn't a big step up from shit to a small boy. And my older brother, as a small boy, decided he wanted to play with the cat one day. 

So he picks Tiger, the cat, the tail. Obviously she doesn't really like it, and tries to get away, jumping back onto the ground. But of course, he finds this fun! Because he was a little boy and cats were strange animals to him. Any little animal wriggling around and trying to scratch him was a great toy to play with. And so he ignores the scratching claws and the angry noises the cat was making. 
Once the cat was back on the ground, he proceeded to keep letting the cat run on and then pulling it back by the tail...sort of like how a cat would play with a mouse, except he wasn't eventually going to eat the cat...I retrospect, that may have been his ultimate intention....
He ignored the fact that the cat doesn't like it. He also ignored the lesson that my sister was trying to give him about treating cats nicely and how it wasn't nice to hurt them because cats had feelings too, as well as the advice she tried to give him on how to hold them properly. Small boys don't like lessons and they don't like advice. Especially when that advice interferes directly with whatever game it is they're trying to play. 

So the brother kept up his game, teasing the cat with freedom and then taking it away until, Eventually, the cat managed to get under a trailer, hopefully (for it) to safety. 

Unfortunately, that wasn't happening. One minute all I could see was that he was reaching under the trailer for the cat, the next minute the sister was screaming
> stop!! stop it!! you're hurting it!! let go!!

while my brother gleefully pulled the cat out from under the trailer by the tail and proceeded to drag it around and around the shed, also by the tail. My sister kept trying to get him away from the cat which just made the game more exciting and the more she screamed the better the game became.

Eventually the cat got bored and scratched him and he got bored and gave up the game.

Don't feel too outraged at the boy. Small boys don't believe that animals have rights or feelings. They don't see that animals aren't their toys. In my brothers case apparently he didn't even see that his siblings had rights or feelings. He treated us all like his toys. Once he bribed me with cheese-strings to stay outside and play in the dark, when I wanted to go in coz it was cold.. Dammit, he knew I loved the orange and white cheese-strings. So he kept one in his pocket one evening and gave me pieces of it every so often for as long as I stayed outside.. what a bollix... Small boys are crafty. And that's why I didn't feel bad when a smaller me threw a basketball at his already broken nose (from his football training earlier that day) when I got angry at him and made his nose worse.

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